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Below is a list of useful resources found on the web.

Background Reading

"DNA sequencing: bench to bedside and beyond" - Clyde A. Hutchison, III - Article Link

"The emergence and diffusion of DNA microarray technology" - Tim Lenoir and Eric Giannella - Article Link

"High throughput DNA sequencing with a microfabricated 96-lane capillary array electrophoresis bioprocessor" - Brian M. Paegel, Charles A. Emrich, Gary J. Wedemayer, James R. Scherer, and Richard A. Mathies -Article Link

"On Black Boxes and Storytellers: Lessons Learned in Human Genetics" - Huntington F. Willard - Article Link

Human Genome

         Facts about Genome sequencing

NOVA - The Code of Life

Article on 'Sequence for Yourself' on the web site


        Full description on DNA sequencing from the Wikipedia web site