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- ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
- DeRisi MicroArray Printing
- BioMek 3000

ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
DNA sequencing is performed on the ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer and is offered on a fee-for-service basis. The ABI 3130xl is a medium throughput sequencer that has 16 capillaries with a capacity of running 16 samples simultaneously. The optimized 3130 POP 7 (Performance Optimized Polymer) modules result in more consistent, higher quality data across a wider range of sequencing and fragment analysis applications with faster turn-around times.  Submitted samples for sequencing undergo a cycle sequencing reaction step that uses Applied Biosystems Big Dye Terminator v3.1 chemistry and a post-cleanup step that uses Applied Biosystems Big Dye Xterminator.  The samples are analyzed by capillary electrophoresis and automatically analyzed by the 3130xl analysis software.  Results are emailed to the user.   

DeRisi MicroArray Printer
The DeRisi MicroArray printer is a special purpose instrument designed to deposit high-density, gridded arrays of cDNA, genomic DNA or similar biological material on microscope slides. The principal components are a computer controlled high precision, high speed, three-axis robot and a unique pen tip assembly. It is capable of depositing thousands of extremely small droplets of genetic material on a small surface area, one droplet at a time, with each droplet containing a different gene. Such a capability permits gene expression experiments using tiny samples of genetic material while obtaining simultaneous data on thousands of genes.

BioMek 3000
The BioMek 3000 is a partner that can keep you on the fast track.  The core’s focus is to provide its users with tools and solutions to accelerate and facilitate their research.  The BioMek 3000 automated workstation offers a liquid platform that’s as advance as it is flexible.  It integrates all aspects of liquid handling into a single, automated system with unparalleled flexibility, expandability and performance.  The system is currently capable of doing reliable and repeatable pipetting with a minimum volume of 1uL, tube to plate capability, 1uL transfers, and PCR/sequencing applications.