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Graduate Studies in Stem Cell Research

Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technologies (BEST)

The BEST Graduate Program offers graduate degrees (Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy) in synergistic areas of Biological Engineering and Materials Engineering with specializations in diverse tracks. Research projects are available on topics ranging from fundamental characterization of materials to tissue engineering, and coursework will provide a background in the tools of biologics and integration of modern materials. View the BEST Website here -best.ucmerced.edu/

Center for Computational Biology (CCB)

The Center of Computational Biology(CCB) is a new research and education center at the newest campus of the University of California in Merced, California. The UCM-CCB sponsors multidisciplinary scientific projects in which biological understanding is guided by computational modeling. The center also facilitates the development and dissemination of undergraduate and graduate course materials based on the latest research in computational biology. View the CCB website here - ccb.ucmerced.edu

Quantitative & Systems Biology (QSB)

Quantitative and Systems Biology(QSB) is a multidisciplinary graduate group that offers an individually tailored program leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in many research areas at the forefront of life sciences research. QSB currently involves faculty from the Schools of Natural Sciences and Engineering and has been accepting graduate students since Fall, 2003. View the QSB Website here - qsb.ucmerced.edu/

Faculty and Students

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